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(MD. Mr.Ashok Kumar Sahu) Education is a very important factor everyone requires in their life, but it is eeven most important while choosing or gone in for domestic or overseas education. interestingly, it's not just for global carrer prospects that overseas education offer or long term future alone such a choice is made. Overseas education gives you the opportunity to exprience new culture,new customs and it expands your world view to be better informed & less biased. It also complain you to change your beliefs and discover your true strength and abilities. It is the launch pad for life of excellence in your chosen field.
In an growing global work environment, You must need special Skills-set and qualities to succeed. All the emoployers are looking for such team or individuals who can think creatively, International qualifications will be then a passport to chchange your career prospects both in India Abroad.

Choosing or thinking for overseas education requires careful planning well in advance in order to choose the right subject of study and institution matching your academic qualifications and career aspirations. With the wide choice of course and the instructions available it is sometimes difficult to make a perfect choice. It here that Lavanya Global Career Planner channel steps in to help you to make that important and perfect choice.

Lavanya Global Career Planner started in the year 2014 in Hyderabad, By the MD. Mr.Ashok Kumar Sahu. (BA.LLB, BHM CT,)The company is found to make people aware about the Hospitality industry, Medical, Management and career opportunities in India and abroad. We are one of the best in India and awarded with multiple recognition

Our services ranges from

a.Career and placement assistance
b.Admissions for Management courses, MBBS, Hotel Management, Nursing , Law and other courses in India and overseas.
c.Career counseling services to students for Hotel Management, LAW, MBBS, Nursing, and Management courses.
d.Industrial Training opportunities for students who are pursuing a degree in Hotel Management
e.Placement assistance for passed out graduates who are looking for endless opportunities within India and Abroad

Our services ranges in the below geographical locations
India, Middle East, Gulf Countries, Singapore and. Europe countries

Our main objective is to put the students interest first and suggest option matching the academic background and career aspirations through expert advise and quality Career Guidance

Counselling students has always been a passion and his mission in helping them to to shaping career aspirations, he worked in many 5star hotels as a manager in India and Overseas and travelled to Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Dubai, Abudhabi, Oman And Saudi Arabia to understand various educational and work environment.

Come & Experience our specialised services

The world of career and Education has been changing rapidly and different types of need base education and career is adding to our list to achieve. Earlier days, a couple of decades ago only three streams of study were available to choose from, namely Arts, Commerce and Science. But today the learning options are growing day by day based on needs and also for technological improvements. For an ordinary individual it will be very difficult to keep track of all the options and possibilities available in modern days. So it is very difficult to finalise a stream from so many choices available and it is more difficult to choose a field of study from a right place!

The establishment

Lavanya Global Career Planner started operation in 2014 in Hyderabad under the guidance of Mr.Ashok Kumar Sahu. (BA.LLB, BHM CT,), M.D. The company is one of the famous and reputed organisation in India involved in Career counseling and helping prospective students to choose stream of education in reputed institutions and also finalise further education in overseas institution/universities. We also guide and help to secure suitable employment for the prospective students or mid-career professionals. We are one of the best Career Planner in India and received several awards and recognition from leading platforms and organisations.

Why lavanya Global career planner ?

Plenty of new career options have come into existence. These careers may not be very popular at this moment, but they promise a great career in the future. Now a days a student willing to pursue careers that are different than the normal, the possibilities are endless.  Day by day the mindset of students are changing rapidly. In present days students would rather work for something they are passionate about and not the traditional areas which are established for others. Hobbies and passions have come into their preferences and not the secure traditional future prospect. In addition to this, Due to globalization and emergence of new technology numerous job opportunities have come up to venture and career and option of studies opens up new trends in careers . With this in mind, it is necessary to be aware of all the options that are available out there – and there’s plenty! You just have to pick one that attracts you, suits you and would be suitable for you as per your goal. Let’s face it, we all have aspirations and ambitions but far too often, leave the achievement of those goals to factors we can’t influence greatly. The truth of the situation though is that it is possible to work your way to that big change, promotion or university admission by making some tiny adjustments. The first thing is to dream big dreams. We believe that  each individual is unique and holds unique talent and strengths. Hence each individual needs to be dealt with differently. Also career development is not a one time processes it requires a log term hand holding  approach while helping the child achieving  high quality career milestones.

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